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Can i get a grant to start a business?

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8th Aug 2011 by Mary Kadiwa - Malawi Specific

Asking for financial assistance amounting to K200, 000 from anywell wishers, companies, organisations etc

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17th Nov 2009 by Gary

While it's more difficult to get a grant to start a business rather than for an existing one, it can be done, and usually a grant is connected to generating jobs for the area through your business, or for getting into industries which in most cases are considered sustainable. But check with your local Chamber of Commerce or courthouse to see what is desired in the area you live in. You don't know until you start asking around. The one positive thing is you can do that type of checking before starting a business, and so make a decision based upon whether you can secure grant money or not. If you're aleady in business, it can be harder to get grant money unless you happen to be in one of the sectors the money is looking for a place to land.

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11th Nov 2009 In Business 2 Answers | 1667 Views
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Can i get a grant to start a business?

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