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How to finance a film?

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3rd Dec 2009 by Gary

Financing a film is an extremely complex endeavor, and not for the uniformed or faint of heart. Even those financing Hollywood films struggle to understand the overall structure of the deal, which can involve hundreds of people and businesses, who are rewarded according to numerous aspects of the deal, along with the costs and performance of the film. For someone starting out, the best way to get financing for a film would be to find an angel investor who believes in the subject matter of your film project. You could advertise directly for it, or better yet, send out word of mouth. If you advertise directly, you include the danger that you could have your material stolen and copies; something that happens all the time in the industry. One other way to finance the film would be through the same way you would another business, by using your credit cards or a home equity loan. In that case it would have to be a short film or documentary style considering the funds you could raise. Ultimately the best way would be to look for someone who knows someone type of thing, and see if they would be interested in what you're doing. You could also search for those interested in investing in films, as there are a number of people or institutions out there looking for opportunities in those areas, and a number of them are angel investors.

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How to finance a film?

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What is capital structure financing?
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