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How to raise capital for a business?

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11th Nov 2009 by Gary

Raising capital for business is only as limited as your imagination and creativity. Other than a bank, you can tap into relatives and friends, personal savings, home equity, credit from suppliers, credit cards, having a great sales promotion, among many others.

When starting a business especially, a bank isn't going to help you until you prove you really don't need their help. So you must come up with creative ways to do it. Sometimes supplers you're going to use may help if you're in the right type of business, and many times you can get products from them to launch things off, without paying for them upfront.

You could also sell stock or other types of investments you may have that wouldn't hurt your retirement, and if you really believe in what you're doing, you may bet the farm on your business, as numerous people have done in the past.

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How to raise capital for a business?

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