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Should i invest in international stocks?

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11th Nov 2009 by Daniel Cross, ChFC

International stocks should be a part of any investment portfolio. The diversification that is accomplished is enormous by simply making sure that your money isn't tied into any one countries economy. The best way to invest is to buy mutual funds that specialize in international stocks. Emerging markets are popular international funds due to the large returns that can be made. Be careful not invest too much into these funds and obey due diligence when choosing an international mutual fund.

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11th Nov 2009 by Gary

It's a good thing to be diversified in the global economy, and so investing in international stocks is a great way to do that. Unless you really follow the markets and are a good researcher, it's best to invest in global stocks through a financial advisor or a mutual fund which specializes in that sector. Asian markets, especially China, should have good upside for years into the future.

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Should i invest in international stocks?

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