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What are the benefits of a college degree?

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30th Oct 2009 by Michael Haltman

There are a great many benefits to a college degree, and those benefits will vary depending on the specific major that you choose. One of the major benefits, aside from the learning, is that a degree expands the entry level job market to a significant degree. More and more, a college education is one of the minimum requirements to even be in a position to apply for a job. As the job market gets tighter and tighter, employers can raise the bar for potential candidates without really having to increase the salary by any great amount. When I first go out of college in 1980, the undergraduate degree was for the most part sufficient. Today, it is much more desirable to have a graduate degree as well. Statistics accumulated through time have documented well the disparity in lifetime income when comparing a high school graduate, college graduate and a college graduate with an advanced degree. On a monetary basis, the benefits of a college "sheepskin" cannot be denied.

Beyond the job market advantage, a college degree allows a student to explore and expand his or her mind in as many areas as one could imagine. For those students entering with a specific passion such as medicine, the law or other fields, the college education with a specific course load will lead them down that path. Often following the undergraduate education with further study, they will be prepared at some point to really pursue the vocation of their dreams.

All in all, the socialization, learning skills, contacts and book learning in college helps to prepare the student for life's road much more efficiently than a similar individual with only a high school diploma.

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What are the benefits of a college degree?

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