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What is the best auto insurance company?

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10th May 2010 by Gary B - United States Specific

The question as to the best auto insurance company can't be answered in my opinion, at least in the United States, as it depends upon where you live and what coverage you're looking for.

With liability coverage, obviously price is the only factor we need to know, and depending on the state you live in, it can change widely. I've lived in one state and got great prices from a company, moved to another state, and the prices skyrocketed. So I always check around before commiting if I'm looking for liability.

For full coverage, it's really the same, as it differs from state to state and depends on things like deductables and other factors which determine the best coverage. You also want to weigh price versus how much insurance is offered.

So to find out the best insurance company in the United States, you must do your research in the state you live in to find that out, as one company can be superior in one state, while another company could be better in a different state.

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What is the best auto insurance company?

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