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How to claim superannuation?
Except in exceptional circumstances, superannuation benefits cannot be claimed/accessed until you reach 'preservation age'. Preservation age is 55 if you were born before...
8 Answers | 3300 Views
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Whats my abn number?
The short answer to this question is that if you don't know what your ABN is, you probably don't have one yet. ABN stands for 'Australian Business Number', and they are u...
7 Answers | 3647 Views
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What do you need to open up a bank account in Algeria?
i want open up a bank account in Algeria
6 Answers | 1576 Views
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What are venture capital advantages and disadvantages?
Entrepreneurs tend to jump into venture capital without thinking through the significant pros and cons. Venture capital, or money invested by third party firms or individ...
5 Answers | 9037 Views
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Who are the biggest private equity firms in Philippines?
Badingsky Equity Venture is the largest private equity company in the Philippines
5 Answers | 2337 Views
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Which banks are giving loans?
The answer to this question is of course: all banks are giving loans. That's how they make money. With that in mind though, American banks have cut back on lending in a b...
2 Answers | 1859 Views
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Who owns the imf?
Nobody owns the IMF, as it is comprised of 186 countries at the time of this answer. The countries work together in their stated purpose of "working to foster global mone...
4 Answers | 29332 Views
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What is the difference between abn and acn?
ABN stands for 'Australian Business Number'. Entities that do business in Australia can apply for ABNs, and they are assigned by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). ABNs are...
4 Answers | 9233 Views
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When will the irs start accepting 2009 returns?
The IRS will not begin accepting 2009 income tax returns until January 1, 2010. It will accept them from that point on, but you can never submit a tax return for a given ...
4 Answers | 4436 Views
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Which credit report do banks use?
There are 3 major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Each one of these bureaus keeps track of consumer credit information and provides it to companies who...
4 Answers | 2704 Views
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What happens if you default on an sba loan?
Like any other type of loan, defaulting on an SBA loan puts the borrow at risk for a variety of negative consequences. The first most likely consequence is that the SBA w...
4 Answers | 2657 Views
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What are the different types of cheques?
Different types of checks: 1. Cashier's cheques - it is a cheque purchased with cash or debit from an account on the bank where the cheque originates. 2. Official, Tre...
3 Answers | 6037 Views
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What is the current risk free interest rate?
There is in reality no such thing as a risk free interest rate, so the answer would be there isn't a current risk free interest rate. But some choose to measure a risk fr...
3 Answers | 5802 Views
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What is cash front end fee finance charge?
A charge for a cash advance on a credit card. I had a negative balance in my PayPal account and they wanted me to cover it with my back-up funding from my Capital One car...
3 Answers | 3654 Views
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What can the irs do to me?
I assume you mean what can they do to you other than take a lot of money that you earn away from you every year. If that's the case, I suspect that the real question you ...
3 Answers | 2765 Views
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Who determines stock prices?
No one individual determines a stock price. What determines a stock price is the view by the one buying or selling stock and whether they believe a stock price will go hi...
3 Answers | 2253 Views
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Who is bigger Visa or Mastercard?
Since both Visa and Mastercard are both widely accepted worldwide, it is difficult to find the difference in the number of locations they are being accepted worldwide. In...
3 Answers | 2019 Views
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Why stocks go up and down?
Stock prices go up and down based on many reasons. Sometimes they're affected by some news item that causes people to buy or sell, and will result in prices going higher ...
3 Answers | 1873 Views
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How much of my income should i be saving?
The way people manage their money should match their goals. Everyone should have a "rainy day fund" of 6 months of living expenses. Only you can tell what your monthly li...
3 Answers | 1834 Views
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How to value commercial property?
Similar to housing, commercial property is valued by the neighborhood it is in, and that includes the type of commercial neighborhood, along with the type of customer you...
3 Answers | 1822 Views
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