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What is secured financing?
Secured financing is one in which the lender has a right to certain collateral that the borrower pledges to support the loan. The borrower agrees that should he not repay...
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What is a revolving loan?
A revolving loan refers to a loan with no actual end, but revolves in a (usually) monthly billing process. A credit car is an example of a revolving account. You may may ...
1 Answers | 651 Views
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What is cash front end fee finance charge?
A charge for a cash advance on a credit card. I had a negative balance in my PayPal account and they wanted me to cover it with my back-up funding from my Capital One car...
3 Answers | 4053 Views
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What is loan to value?
The loan to value ration or LTV is a calculation used by lenders to determine (in at least one aspect) how risky a loan is. To calculate the LTV simply divide the loan a...
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what can i do about credit card debt?
Divert extra income from your salary or get a second job to pay off your credit card balance if possible. Keep moving your credit card balance around from one card to ano...
1 Answers | 478 Views
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What are venture capital advantages and disadvantages?
Entrepreneurs tend to jump into venture capital without thinking through the significant pros and cons. Venture capital, or money invested by third party firms or individ...
5 Answers | 9316 Views
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What is the BBB Investment grade rating?
0 Answers | 1482 Views
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What is a Risk Participation Loan?
A risk participation loan is when numerous funding sources come together to pool capitol for one large loan and they participate in various credit or debt swaps among the...
1 Answers | 1231 Views
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What does it mean to finance a car?
To finance a car means to take out a loan, using the car as collateral in order to protect the lender in case a buyer defaults on the loan. Financing a car is usually don...
1 Answers | 2026 Views
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Will cancelling a credit card hurt my credit score?
0 Answers | 704 Views
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What is title iv funding?
0 Answers | 596 Views
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What is the role of equity accounts in raising capital?
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When should i apply for a mortgage?
Before you start shopping for a house. In the good old days there were lots of different types of mortgages so you could be reasonably sure that you a lender would have s...
2 Answers | 1890 Views
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What is Home Equity Borrowing?
0 Answers | 557 Views
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What is a Blanket Mortgage?
It is a type of financing that creates lien on two or more real estate properties. Instead of taking a mortgage on each property, the buyer can take out one mortgage on t...
1 Answers | 484 Views
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What is a Mortgage Payment?
This is an amount of money paid on a regular basis to pay off a loan. The amount depends on the size and type of a loan and the rate of interest. Usually, it is a monthly...
1 Answers | 410 Views
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Where can i get a mortgage loan?
The best place to get a mortgage loan is wherever you can. But of course the most likely place to get it is from a bank. Now that we're in the financial crisis and credit...
2 Answers | 2035 Views
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What is a revolver loan?
You are probably referring to a revolving credit facility which is sometimes referred to a line of credit. Fundamentally, a revolver allows the borrower to borrow and rep...
1 Answers | 1834 Views
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How do you Calculate Mortgage Interest?
0 Answers | 750 Views
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What is a Chattel Mortgage?
A chattel mortgage is a loan wherein a movable asset is used as collateral. After the mortgage has been paid in full, the collateral or movable asset would be returned t...
1 Answers | 649 Views
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