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Accountant Meaning:
In accounting terminology, the term Accountant refers to a professional trained in bookkeeping, auditing, account analysis, financial statements and tax laws. In the United States, Accountants can become Certified Public Accountants or CPAs.

Accountant Example:
For example, an Accountant makes up one of the most important professionals in the world of business and in many cases can advise a business or a person on a wide variety of business matters, including taxation and financial planning. A good Accountant can provide a business with financial advisory services which can save the company money and can also advise management on topics such as insurance and taxation. In addition, the Accountant is charged with the accounting and record keeping of the company, which, along with tax reporting, can be a crucial part of the ongoing operation of a business. Accountants also perform audits, which can be of great benefit to a business in uncovering improper activity.

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