Friday, July 20th 2018

Rough Rice

Rough Rice Meaning:
In commodity market terminology, Rough Rice refers to seeds of the rice plant oryza sativa l. which have not had the outer hull and bran layers removed. U.S.D.A. standards for Rough Rice define it as having “50% or more of paddy kernels of rice” where paddy kernels are broken or intact un-hulled rice seeds.

Rough Rice Example:
Rough Rice futures are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade and on the CME Group’s Globex electronic trading platform. Contracts are for 2,000 hundredweights or 91 metric tons, and they are quoted in U.S. Dollars with the minimum fluctuation being ˝ cent per hundredweight or $10.00 a contract. The symbol for Rough Rice futures is RR.
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