Friday, September 22nd 2017

Venture Capital Firm

Venture Capital Firm Meaning:
In venture capital terminology, the term Venture Capital Firm refers to a firm that specializes in providing venture capital to start-ups and small businesses. A Venture Capital Firm can provide large sums of money, business and managerial expertise, and a prestigious name to small businesses in the process of growing.

Venture Capital Firm Example:
For example, a Venture Capital Firm might offer their services to companies which they select on the basis of the company enjoying steady rapid growth, increasing profitability, a dominant position in a new market or a proprietary technology or invention which they intend to market. In addition, the Venture Capital Firm might look for a strong management team and the possibility of recovering their investment through an Initial Public Offering or an acquisition of the start-up company by a larger company. On average, a Venture Capital Firm will expect an annualized return of anywhere from 30% to 50% on their investment.

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