Tuesday, February 20th 2018

AA - Alcoa

Capt. Alfred E. Hunt and Charles Martin Hall, along with other investors George H. Clapp, Millard Hunsiker, Robert Scott, and W.S. Sample named and created the Pittsburgh Aluminum Company in 1888, which eventually became Alcoa (NYSE: AA).

Charles Martin Hall is usually credited as the sole founder based on his discovery on how to extract aluminum, which was indeed the foundation the company was built on.

Today Alcoa still is in the business of producing aluminum, now identified as primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina.

Aluminum has become a ubiquitous raw material, as the metal is used in an extraordinary array of products in the defense industry, transportation, aircraft, among a number of other industrial applications.

Alcoa has been expanding through acquisitions and mergers with aluminum producers across the globe, including in China, Russia, Iceland, Brazil, Jamaica, and Australia, among others.

Alcoa is based in New York.
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