Monday, January 22nd 2018

AXP - American Express

American Express (NYSE: AXP) was formed in 1850 by Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Warren Butterfield. In the beginning it was a express mail delivery business, hence the name American Express Company.

Interestingly, the same men built another company named Wells Fargo & Co., built in response to Butterfield's and other director's objections to expand the business all the way to California. It's interesting in that even today Wells Fargo's largest market is California.

American Express Company doesn't deliver mail today, but it does have business related to travel, as many who travel the globe know. It is also a payment company as well as provider of credit card payment products.

The company works in two major business segments: the Global Consumer Group and the Global Business-to-Business Group.

American Express today is one of 30 components making up the Dow Jones Industrial average, and is headquartered in New York.
Company Name:
American Express
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United States

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