Tuesday, February 20th 2018

JPM - JP Morgan Chase

J.P. MORGAN CHASE CO (NYSE: JPM), a financial holding company traces its roots all the way back to 1799, when Aaron Burr founded The Bank of The Manhattan Co.

New York City is the headquarters of the financial institution, which is one of the four largest banks in America.

The six divisions the company operates under are Retail Financial Services, Card Services, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Treasury & Securities Services.

J.P. Morgan Chase merged with Bank One Corporation in 2004, and also acquired Bear Stearns in 2007 and Washington Mutual in 2008. Other smaller recent acquisitions have been Collegiate Funding Services in 2006 and the remaining balance of JPMorgan Cazenove, a joint venture with the Cazenove Group.

J.P. Morgan is considered one of the better run of the large banks, and has managed to largely hold up under difficult economic circumstances, although it did receive billions in taxpayer funds to shore it up during the recession.
Company Name:
JP Morgan Chase
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United States

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