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PRU - Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial Inc. (NYSE: PRU) traces its roots back to a basement office worked in by insurance agent John Fairfield Dryden founded the company under the name Prudential Friendly Society. Prudential was the first company in America to offer life insurance to working class people.

Now the company has expanded through the years to offer a number of financial products and services across the world, including the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Operations are run through three business segments: The U.S. Retirement Solutions and Investment Management, The U.S. Individual Life and Group Insurance, and The International Insurance and Investments.

Major acquisitions have included CIGNA Corporation and American Skandia.

Prudential started trading as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange on December 13, 2001.

Prudential Financial is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.
Company Name:
Prudential Financial
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United States

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