Tuesday, March 28th 2017
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Random Stock Symbols
OXY: Occidental Petroleum (USA)
KO: Coca Cola (USA)
ESRX: Express Scripts (USA)
BHP: BHP Billiton (AUS)
PRU: Prudential Financial (USA)
VZ: Verizon Communications (USA)
WPL: Woodside (AUS)
MOT: Motorola (USA)
CHS: Chicos (USA)
DPHIQ: Delphi (USA)
MUR: Murphy Oil (USA)
CCE: Coca-Cola Enterprises (USA)
HUM: Humana (USA)
GM: General Motors (USA)
LLY: Eli Lilly (USA)
UAUA: UAL Corporation (USA)
TLS: Telstra (AUS)
FMG: Fortescue (AUS)
NCM: Newcrest (AUS)
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