Friday, September 22nd 2017
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Random Stock Symbols
SWY: Safeway (USA)
LLY: Eli Lilly (USA)
PEP: Pepsico (USA)
TSN: Tyson Foods (USA)
AET: Aetna (USA)
PRU: Prudential Financial (USA)
FDX: Fedex (USA)
BRK-A: Berkshire Hathaway (USA)
INTC: Intel (USA)
BMY: Bristol-Myers Squibb (USA)
ALL: Allstate (USA)
XOM: Exxon Mobil (USA)
RIO: Rio Tinto (AUS)
HPQ: Hewlett Packard (USA)
DE: Deere (USA)
CHS: Chicos (USA)
M: Macy's (USA)
VLO: Valero Energy (USA)
EXC: Exelon (USA)
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