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Continent Interest Rates

Deposit Rate By Region

  • South America up to 52,57%
  • Asia up to 20.00%
  • Europe up to 17.75%
  • Middle East up to 15.00%
  • Africa up to 12.95%
  • North America up to 8.84%
  • Oceania up to 4.30%

Loans Rate By Region

  • Africa from 10.00%
  • South America from 3.90% - 4.90%
  • Oceania from 3.09%
  • Middle East from 2.65%
  • North America from 2.125%
  • Asia from 1.50%
  • Europe from 1.07%


SBI launches in Melbourne

James Jones (Oct 5th, 19) 0 Comment(s)
With the largest number of its citizens Iiving in the state of Victoria, State Bank of India (SBI) has opened in second branch in Australia in the city of Melbourne. It is the first indian b...

Trump trade war with China may benefit mortgage borrowers

  While Trump 2019 trade war with China may have tariffs consequences on some importer prices and agricultural exports, the side effect in recent months has seen mortgage rates with so...

Why Chase CD Rates still lag behind online banks

Brad Johnston (Jun 1st, 19) 0 Comment(s)
  While Chase cds remains almost unchanged in June from May, it does contrast significantly with online providers like Ally Bank which has its at 5 year at 3% and Chase at 1.55%, a dif...

Goldman Earnings Trying To Diversify Away From Investment B...

James Jones (Apr 15th, 19) 0 Comment(s)
Goldman Sachs’ stock reported first-quarter earnings that were deemed to be above expectations, but with revenue figures that fell short. With the launch of its Marcus retail banking b...

Musk Tunnel only cost 10 million compared to 1 billion per m...

James Jones (Nov 2nd, 18) 0 Comment(s)
On Recode Decode podcast with journalist Kara Swisher on November 2nd, Elon Musk indicated his Boring Company is set to open the two-mile test tunnel underneath SpaceX’s headquart...