Tuesday, September 22nd 2020

About Us - Financial Advisory International

We were founded in 2008 by an experienced business analyst who wanted to provide an authoritative global perspective on financial advisory and planning products. Our team’s expertise in finance enables us to provide relevant local and international resources for individuals and businesses when researching to make financial and investment decisions.

Our Mission and Vision

·    Our mission: To inform our users about the global financial market place.
·    Our vision: To build the best financial planning and investment resource for local and international markets.

What do we do?

Financial Advisory delivers financial resources for every kind of investor, individual and business owners with relevant news, feature stories, articles, analysis, data comparison, blogs and videos.

Why are we different?

We focus on the global financial planning and investment market. Through country market comparisons and being the one-stop comprehensive reference for industry and local finance data we provide a unique service for our users. For example, by providing national and international cross referencing a user may compare US tax rates against those in South Africa. We believe global knowledge of available markets helps individuals and businesses make better business decisions for financial strategies when looking to settle or invest abroad.

Where are we Located?


United Kingdom

Financial Advisory International
Suite 274
Rosden House
372 Old Street
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