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How to buy shares online?

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28th Nov 2009 by Tobias John Sterling

Buying shares online is simple. First, find some online share broker by doing a search (E*TRADE, Scott Trade and Charles Schwabb are some brokers you might want to consider). When comparing brokers the only real consideration is how much they charge for brokerage, as you're almost certainly interested only in an 'execution only' service (that is, one where no advice is provided, just the facilitation of trades). Before choosing a broker, check their professional background using FINRA's 'BrokerCheck' online tool (go to After choosing a broker, you'll have to apply to open an account with them -- this means providing some personal details on an application form, which you may have to do in hard copy and mail in so that they have a copy of your signature. Once you are approved, you'll have to fund your new trading account with some cash. After doing that, you're ready to trade using your broker's online trading platform. Have fun!

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How to buy shares online?

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