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How to finance a vehicle?

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3rd Dec 2009 by Gary

The best way to finance a vehicle would depend upon whether you're buying a new or used one. In reality, it's far better to buy a vehicle that has been used a little than a brand new one, as the second you drive off of a car lot it plunges in value immediately. Most cars and vehicles don't hold their value at all, and so from that standpoint a slightly used car is better, because it costs much less and the kinks are usually worked out of it. As far as financing a new car, that can be done through a bank, credit union, or by the company selling the car itself. For used cars the same could apply, but there are much easier terms on used car lots than when buying new, so you have a better chance of securing financing, especially if you know the people you're dealing with.

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How to finance a vehicle?

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