How to get a sba loan?

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8th Nov 2009 by Amelia Timbers

To get an SBA loan, you should visit the SBA website: . Visiting the website will help you discover what stage your business is at, what steps you need to take, what types of loans are offered, and what you should qualify for- if any. To apply for an SBA loan, visit a local SBA center. These centers, called Small Business Development Corporations are located all over the nation. . Visiting an SBDC will help you talk over your situation with a trained professional. They can also help you assemble your loan packet, collect the correct documents and prepare the package most likely to be approved. Actually getting an SBA loan requires a functional business whose quick ratio, debt to equity ratio, collateral and credit rating are all strong. However, working with the SBDCs will help you get these financial standards in line as well.

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How to get a sba loan?

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