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How to get a small business loan?

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27th Nov 2009 by Ellen Silverman

Grant money for small business owners is a growing niche. People have begun to realize that they can get help from the United States government to help them fulfill their dreams of owning a small business. Without that start-up money, many businesses would fail the first year due to under capitalization.

The Internet is the best source for help with government grants. The most useful sources for help with government grants for small business are the government agencies. The U.S. Government Small Business Administration provides information on getting grants. Individual states and some local communities provide both grants and help for grants to small businesses. Go to the "Grants" page of the U.S. Small Business Administration to obtain a list to the links to pages of grant information. Although a number of grants are for non-profit organizations, lending institutions and state and local governments, there is also information for small, high-tech businesses.

Once you have found the government grant programs, the next step is to carefully review all of the requirements. Reading the fine print is a necessity to understand what the process will require in order to be considered for a grant. The requirements vary so it is important to pay attention to what it is that they need. Different grants will require different paperwork so it will be a long and time consuming process but worth it in the long run.

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24th Nov 2009 by Gary

A small business loan is usually acquired when a company has been in business and so has a track record which can be measured by whoever you're applying for the loan to. The way to give you the best chance at getting a loan is to have solid records of the business available to those you're seeking a loan from. That, more than anything, is the most important part in it all. Collateral can be a secondary part of the process, but that won't matter if you don't have great records and proven performance in the first place.

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How to get a small business loan?

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