How to invest in copper?

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12th Nov 2009 by Gary

Copper is used in such a wide number of application, that investing in it can come from a variety of ways of doing it. You could of course invest directly in a copper mining company or in copper futures. The one thing a little more difficult about copper than some of the other metals is its numerous uses, which means you have a lot more research to do to keep up with it. Some areas to watch where copper is used in a big way is housing starts, which use it for a lot of the water lines and other things. Copper is also used in appliances, another big factor related to housing. So if housing is booming, you can be sure that demand for copper should be too. But keep in mind there are so many uses that any one sector can't be the only source to research in order to make a decision. Housing is just one of the bigger ones.

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How to invest in copper?

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