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What can you do with a series 7 license?

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8th Nov 2009 by Amelia Timbers

Series 7 is one of an array of financial licenses you can earn. All financial licenses with "Series" in the title are controlled by FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Series 7 is a gateway license that is required for more sophisticated financial certification, but is generally required of financial advisors working for businesses. It is almost interchangeable with CFA certification. Series 7 qualifies you to be a "General Securities Representative", which is the basic level of stock and bond trader. Passing the Series 7 test (which is 6 hours and requires 70% or better to pass) licenses you to handle securities- trade, buy, sell municipal or corporate bonds and securities, sell investment products, etc. You can basically be or work for a stock broker. There numerous other certifications- the scale advances to Series 87-that, when passed, permit you to handle a different financial product or process.

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What can you do with a series 7 license?

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