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What do i need to get a credit card?

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8th Feb 2014 by Dwayne - United States Specific

While having good credit scores would be the ideal way to establish yourself with a credit card, that is not always an option for many people. Whether you have derogatory information on your credit file or simply no credit at all there are options for you in lieu of Secured Credit cards.

The applicant has to provide a refundable deposit in order to obtain one of these cards typically around $200-$300. Do research and find the one that's right for you. Be diligent in your research as some of them are a rip off in regards to the associated fees. If you have any questions and/or need assistance in regards to your personal credit, contact me. I have seven years of experience working with credit-challenged individuals.

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27th Feb 2011 by admint

You would need to have a good credit standing or a high credit score. Fill out an application form with your personal information. You would also need to provide employment and income information, references, residential status, some bank information such as your checking and savings account, investment portfolio, income tax statements and credit portfolio. It will also need your Social Security number.

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What do i need to get a credit card?

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