What has worked in investing?

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2nd Dec 2009 by Gary

The most successful investing strategy proven so far is one espoused by Warren Buffett, which is to invest in companies that you understand, buy them at a good price, and hold them for the long term. The key to determining the company to buy is based upon the competitive advantage they have in the marketplace. If they have what Buffett calls a defensive moat surrounding them, you can be assured they'll be able to continue to be profitable over the long haul. Another major factor is if the business would be considered a commodity business, which means something that anyone else could copy, and then compete solely on price. In that case, only the lowest price company would survive, so that wouldn't be a great sector or business to invest in, at least until a clear winner - as in the case of Wal-Mart - emerges.

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What has worked in investing?

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