What is an angel investor?

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9th Aug 2011 by Godofredo Legaspi Macapagal

An angel investor is the opposite of Kapampangan Investors.

Kapampangans are really mayabang. I remember 2 specific recent encounters with their kind. The first was while i was on business trip in some SEA country. While waiting area in the airport, this guy who is in business suit, came and sat beside me, dialled his phone and began talking in a loud manner to his gf/wife (whatever):

Kapampangan: Honey, why are you still awake? I will arrive tomorrow; only your eyes will be spared of my lust…. What are you wearing? I want to eat at Guaga (this is the giveaway of his province). Lets visit XX in San Fernando later to bring the “pasalubong”.

Kapampangan: I sent you $27,000 today, I am bringing $5,000 on hand…by December we will have savings of P5 million. P5 million sweetheart! (in a LOUD voice)

Kapampangan: I don’t want to buy Fortuner, lets just buy Innova (aha, showed your cheap taste there).

His rant goest on for several minutes until his prepaid load (another cheap sign) was exhausted.

Another encounter:

On my way back to this SEA country from Manila, I was again waiting at the airport. Wheareupon, two senior citizens arrived and started talking:

Kapampangan 2: Hi Mrs.XXX, I am from Pampanga actually and have several businesses. We should do business with government to make money. Can I have your contact no, so we can communicate when we are back in Manila.

Ms. Usec: My contact no is xxxxx,

Kapampangan 2: how should I write your name?

Ms. Usec: Just put Usec XXX.

Kapampangan: so how long have you worked with DOH? I have several friends in govt also (thereupon he started dropping names….this one, oh he is a close friend of mine, this one, we are “compadre”) etc.

Ms. Usec: do you know Usec XXX of DPWH?

Kapampangan 2: oh he is a friend of mine. Ms Usec. If you ask him about me, he will tell you “HE IS THE BEST IN HIS FIELD, HE IS VERY INTELLIGENT” (talk about carrying your own chair). This guy is really soo insecure in front of the Usec that he pulled out all the stops to make himself the BEST THERE IS.

After I finished eating my snack, I decided to transfer to another seat for peace and quiet.

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18th Nov 2009 by Gary

An angel investor is a wealthy person looking for a place to invest their wealth in with the possibilty of high returns in exchange for high risk. An angel investor will normally invest in a startup business or a business needing funding to expand its operations in order to generate more revenue and increase their profits. In return from funding, an angel investor will usually ask for a piece of the company in return for their investment.

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