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What is tax equity financing

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13th May 2011 by Masambong Libogsky - Algeria Specific

Tax Equity financing means you go to your baranggay and get clearance for waste disposal allocation. This type of financing was popular in the 1920s especially in Balut Tondo and Pritil area. Most professors believe that Mr. Bharganusio Capitoloto of Gumaca, Quezon, invented this financing scheme. Mr. Capitoloto finished his MBA at the prestigious Balic-Balic Higher School of Learning Institute. This is the same school that produced notable alumni such as Elodie Cadaman- public school teacher, Dennis Dulle- optometrist at Rojed Optical, Benny Cheng of defunct and bankrupt Uniwide Sales Store, John Ladner- financial analyst at Quad Realty, Jonathan Marquez- teller at BA Lepanto, Meoa Zebra- IT programmer at Atari and Dr. Antonino Arenas of Coca Cola Pritil Tondo.

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5th May 2010 by Gary B

Tax equity financing is used as a means to fund renewable energy projects by investing in renewable energy in exchange for tax credits. The downside is only companies with a lot of taxes can use them to their advantage.

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27th Oct 2009 In Finance 2 Answers | 3391 Views
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What is tax equity financing

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