What is the Hyatt Gold Passport Program?

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26th Apr 2010 by Ric Garrido

Hyatt Gold Passport is the customer loyalty program for Hyatt Hotels. Hyatt has about 400 hotels worldwide in the Hyatt Regency, Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Andaz, Hyatt Place, and Hyatt Summerfield Suites hotel brands.

Hyatt Gold Passport is one of the major hotel loyalty programs globally operating a points-based system. A Hyatt Gold Passport member earns 5 points per US$1 in hotel spend. Every hotel in the system is designated in an award category from 1 to 5, with category 5 being the highest level hotel, and the award category determines the number of points required for a free hotel night using points. Category 1 hotel awards are 5,000 points per night, category 2 = 8,000 points; category 3 = 12,000 points; category 4 = 15,000 points, and category 5 = 18,000 points.

While it appears it would take $1,000 in hotel spend to earn 5,000 points for a free night at a category 1 hotel, the actual hotel spend can be much lower to earn 5,000 points. Hyatt Gold Passport has bonus offers for 1,000 to 2,000 bonus points per hotel stay if your hotel has a bonus offer. Most Hyatt hotels have a bonus offer.

Hyatt has had the most generous hotel loyalty promotions of the past two years of any major hotel chain. Currently a Gold Passport member can instantly receive Platinum elite status and the Big Welcome Back promotion offers a free night at any Hyatt worldwide after any two stays at any Hyatt brand hotel worldwide.

It is possible to book Hyatt Place nights in some locations for under $75 per night after tax while using free nights at some Park Hyatt hotels are typically $500 per night or more in savings. This is a great return on hotel spend.

There are many interesting facets to Hyatt Gold Passport.

I am Ric Garrido and I write the Loyalty Traveler blog providing consumer travel analysis for hotel travelers. I have dozens of articles describing various aspects of Hyatt Gold Passport and hundreds of articles on many other hotel loyalty programs on my blog.

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What is the Hyatt Gold Passport Program?

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