Where can i advertise my company?

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13th Nov 2009 by Gary

You can advertise or market your company wherever you find a place where people are. From the local newspaper to a classified web site like Craigslist, there are numerous places to reach people interested in what your company offers.
Other places are billboards where there is high traffic, magazines, television, newsletters, radio, and when you have major events you could enter into a sponsorship role. Some companies also use inexpensive items like pencils and pens where people use them on a daily basis and include their company name which is always there for people to see. On the Internet you could advertise in ezines sent to the email boxes of many people, put up display ads, or use Google Adwords to spread the message about your product. The secret is finding places people congregate or travel by; whether it's in the real world or digital world.

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Where can i advertise my company?

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