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Where can i get a low interest loan?

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29th Nov 2009 by Burt Carlson

Mortgage rates are very much a commodity these days so shopping around makes sense. You might start where you bank and then check with a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker. They all want your business! Also, a rate is dependent on several factors including your credit profile, the Loan to Value on the property being financed, how the property will be occupied (primary residence, second home or investment property) and the type of loan you want. Another factor is how the loan is structured. For example, your rate will typically be lower if you pay 1% loan origination versus paying no origination. It also matters how long the rate is going to be locked (this is the lender commitment to you which guaranty's the rate for a certain timeframe). The longer the lock period the higher the rate is likely to be.

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24th Nov 2009 by Gary

In the current economic climate, you can get a low interest loan almost anywhere. If you qualify, you can get great mortgage loan rates from banks and other financial institutions, along with other highly collateralized loans. The further you move away from traditional loan sources, the higher interest rate you will pay.

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24th Nov 2009 In Finance 2 Answers | 2187 Views
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Where can i get a low interest loan?

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