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Where to buy an investment property in London?

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2nd May 2013 by Dana Moore

Hi there,

London becomes one of the most popular cities to trade in property business. For making a profitable investment you can choose a number of smaller yet growing hotspots within the city itself. Though location has a direct effect on house prices like as you get closer to the city's central areas within walking distance to landmarks such as Oxford Street, Regents Park and Harley Street there prices being outrageously high.

If the location is connected to underground tube stations they also be prove more expensive such as Marble Arch, Oxford Circus and Bond Street, as these are prime locations for commuters. I think it would be best for you to take good professional advice or even there are many real estate websites that can help you to find properties for sale as well as rental in your required location and within your budget as well. It is often a good idea to deal with a reputable company in the real estate market. You can look at they remain competitive in pricing and offer a great services to their customer.

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28th Feb 2011 by admint

The first step to successful property investment in Australia is to find bargain real estate. Experienced investors know it is also about finding a quality piece of real estate destined to increase in value. Investors are now buying more than a fifth of all central London's new properties, and account for 49 percent of all investment purchases in central London.

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26th Apr 2010 In Real Estate 2 Answers | 1480 Views
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Where to buy an investment property in London?

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