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Where to buy an investment property in the United States USA?

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16th Jan 2011 by Daryl Chambers - United States Specific

I would have to agree with the previous posting but would add that depending on your plan there is a lot of good opportunity for investment now. There will be a lot more inventory added over the next two years which will affect the national price average. Some markets will drop and some will stay flat. One market that our research has found to be stable with a lot of opportunity for good returns is Atlanta. I would add the caveat that you should be prepared to take a long term position.
Atlanta is one of the fastest growing, stable metropolitan centers in America…

4th Largest economy in the world
Major business hub of the southeast
Low cost of living
Forbes Magazine ranked Atlanta as the #1 rental market says Atlanta is the 4th best city in America to invest in
Forbes Magazine ranks Atlanta as the 4th most affordable U.S. market
U.S. Economic Rankings

3rd in job growth
3rd for most Fortune500 companies’ headquarters
Home to the world’s busiest airport: Jackson/Hartsfield International
2nd as America’s best cities to relocate
1st in U.S. as least costly large city for business

You can buy a brand new 3/2.5 townhome or single family home for $69,900 with a renter and have a net roi of over 12%
you can review our materials and opportunities at

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29th Apr 2010 by Chad A. Dot

Let me give you the don't buys first.

- Southern CA
- Las Vegas, NV
- Phoenix, AZ
- Southern, FL

There's still a ton of phantom inventory to get worked out those markets. The PMI risk rating is too high (% chance of the property going down in value in 2 years) and unemployment in those areas hasn't really improved yet. They will be good buys next year...just a lot of risk now.

If you're looking for cash flow check out Luisville KY, Austin, TX, Indianapolis, IN, etc. Look for safe stable markets right now that spin off good cash flow.

If you're look for appreciation play investment property, then you should stay on the sidelines right now.

Chad A. Doty |

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26th Apr 2010 In Real Estate 2 Answers | 2533 Views
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Where to buy an investment property in the United States USA?

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