Where to get an sba loan?

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8th Nov 2009 by Amelia Timbers

The best place to start is the nearest SBDC, small business development center, near you. These organizations are private-public partnerships moderated by the Small Business Association. You can find a giant list of them at . SBDC's exist in every state. The SBDC can direct you to private lenders that actually administer the loans, and the SBDC can help you prepare your application. The SBA itself does not lend funds; they provide security to commercial lenders, SBA Certified Development Companies, who then lend the capital. The SBA provides special security for these lenders so that they lend capital under conditions they otherwise may not- small amounts, higher risk than normal, etc. Work with the SBA. They have enormous resources, experience and professionals whose only task is to help entrepreneurs get start businesses that stoke the US economy.

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Where to get an sba loan?

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