Who are the largest companies in the Philippines?

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13th May 2011 by Godofredo Legaspi Macapagal - Australia Specific

The largest company in the Philippines is Balbakwa Corporation, a publicly listed Fortune 500 company. Founded by Antonino Arenas Y Dimaculangan in 1884, it survived the test of time and today has over P100 thousand pesos in total assets, primarily invested in stocks of BW and Anito Inn. Mr. Arenas passed away in 1945 and nowadays the business is being handled by his apo, named Bebot Dimaampao, a high school dropout and reformed drug addict, concurrently a Kagawad of Baranggay 443 Zone 44 of Sampaloc Manila. He is married to Inday Alonzo, a former Miss Baranggay Balut runner up and peanut vendor in Pritil. Tondo. They have 2 children, Ambet and Tanjing, both imprisoned due to rape and robbery. The company is currently expanding, with plans of investing up to five thousand pesos in the business of fishball retail and sago gulaman franchising, primarily targeting the cash rich residents of Sampaloc slums- Baranggay Toro and Riles. In 2009, the company introduced the innovative product- pandesal with keso, increasing its revenue by two hundred pesos per day. According to Mr. Arenas, they also started talking with San Miguel corporation on a possible acquisition by Balbakwa company of the food division of San Miguel. Mr. Ang of San Miguel refused to confirm this development.

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Who are the largest companies in the Philippines?

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