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Who are the major US online trading companies?

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21st Nov 2009 by cocacolabuffet

Depends on the instruments you want to trade. For stocks and options, major discount online brokerages include TD Ameritrade, Interactivebrokers, Scottrade and Etrade . Full service online brokerages include Fidelity, Charles Schwab. The following are a few links about application and fees, etc of a few online brokers.


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14th Nov 2009 by Joseph Pousada


The United States investment landscape is a highly segmented one with many companies. Some of the major companies that tend to market themselves as online trading companies are etrade, scottrade and tdameritrade however, you should contact your Financial Advisor about what companies would best suit your individual needs. Technology spreads over time and most brokerage and investment firms in the United States offer some form of online service and online trading to their clients. Ask questions on what services your existing broker /dealer or investment firm provides and what are the fees. In particular, keep in mind what kind of securities you would like to trade and see if they offer the ability to trade it online. (i.e. options, rights etc…) With fees, be sure to ask about account fees, maintenance fees and if any are waived depending on the amount of assets you have in the account.


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This answer is the subjective opinion of the writer and not of FinancialAdvisory.com

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Who are the major US online trading companies?

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