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What is an etf investment?
An ETF, or Exchange-Traded Fund, is a type of mutual fund that trades like a stock on an exchange. These funds differ from traditional open-ended mutual funds in this sen...
1 Answers | 1392 Views
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Who determines stock prices?
No one individual determines a stock price. What determines a stock price is the view by the one buying or selling stock and whether they believe a stock price will go hi...
3 Answers | 2666 Views
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What is secured financing?
Secured financing is one in which the lender has a right to certain collateral that the borrower pledges to support the loan. The borrower agrees that should he not repay...
1 Answers | 5124 Views
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What is the difference between abn and acn?
ABN stands for 'Australian Business Number'. Entities that do business in Australia can apply for ABNs, and they are assigned by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). ABNs are...
4 Answers | 9768 Views
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What is a Clean payment?
A payment of cash for which there is no directly associated counter value. Clean payments are the most broadly used medium for paying a client’s account receivable or pay...
1 Answers | 5985 Views
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Which bank has the most branches?
In the United States the bank that has the most branches by far is Bank of America with over 7000. After the merger with Nations Bank B of A is now headquartered in North...
1 Answers | 1028 Views
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What is warren buffet investing in?
The latest acquisition by Warren Buffett is Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, is gives great insight into where Warren Buffett sees the economy moving towards: high ...
1 Answers | 506 Views
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What is the difference between property and casualty insurance?
The difference between property and casualty insurance is property insurance protects a business or people with an economic interest in the property from the loss of the ...
1 Answers | 4736 Views
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What is a revolving loan?
A revolving loan refers to a loan with no actual end, but revolves in a (usually) monthly billing process. A credit car is an example of a revolving account. You may may ...
1 Answers | 714 Views
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What are Securitised Derivatives?
A securitized derivative refers to a couple of things. First, to be securitized simply means there is a aggregation of a number of financial assets which are then convert...
1 Answers | 3992 Views
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What is an example of a certificate of deposit?
0 Answers | 793 Views
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What is the difference between capital stock and common stock?
Common stock is a form of securities issued by a public corporation. It is the most widely issued type of public stock. It is the stock type of choice for most initial of...
2 Answers | 8286 Views
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What is a proprietary fund?
A proprietary fund is a either a hedge fund or a mutual fund in which the partners of the fund only trade and manage only their own money.
1 Answers | 659 Views
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Where to buy bearer bonds?
While there are still some bearer bonds outstanding (the number is quickly dwindling), the old reason for buying them which was anonymity no longer exists. Once a tool of...
2 Answers | 5628 Views
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When can i access my 401k?
The following is for informational purposes only and you should always consult your tax advisor to see if your personal situation meets the criteria for a distribution fr...
1 Answers | 1084 Views
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What is loan to value?
The loan to value ration or LTV is a calculation used by lenders to determine (in at least one aspect) how risky a loan is. To calculate the LTV simply divide the loan a...
1 Answers | 623 Views
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What is stl insurance?
Supplemental Term Life
2 Answers | 9946 Views
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What is cash front end fee finance charge?
A charge for a cash advance on a credit card. I had a negative balance in my PayPal account and they wanted me to cover it with my back-up funding from my Capital One car...
3 Answers | 4370 Views
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When did oil become a traded commodity?
John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil started selling certificates against the oil they had creating the first oil futures market. In 1882, the National Petroleum Exchange...
2 Answers | 3481 Views
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What is the libor interest rate?
Libor is the London Inter Bank Offered Rate. It is the rate that banks in london's wholesale market charge each other fro unsecured loans. The index is used for a variety...
1 Answers | 1399 Views
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