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What is investment risk?
Investment risk is how much you stand to lose on any particular investment. The more possible upside to what you're investing in, the more risk there is, and the more mon...
1 Answers | 504 Views
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What is equity investment?
Equity investment, or investing in equities is just another way of saying you're investing in stocks. Equity investments relate to raising money through investors who bel...
1 Answers | 562 Views
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What is warren buffet investing in?
The latest acquisition by Warren Buffett is Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, is gives great insight into where Warren Buffett sees the economy moving towards: high ...
1 Answers | 506 Views
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What is an etf investment?
An ETF, or Exchange-Traded Fund, is a type of mutual fund that trades like a stock on an exchange. These funds differ from traditional open-ended mutual funds in this sen...
1 Answers | 1392 Views
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What is investment income?
Investment income can take many forms. Fixed-income instruments such as bonds CDs pay interest, while stocks and stock mutual funds pay dividends, which are similar to in...
1 Answers | 593 Views
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What has worked in investing?
The most successful investing strategy proven so far is one espoused by Warren Buffett, which is to invest in companies that you understand, buy them at a good price, and...
1 Answers | 814 Views
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What is a mutual fund investment?
A mutual fund is one which invests in a variety of companies, bonds and cash (money market funds) in order to spread the risk for the investor. There are now more types o...
1 Answers | 499 Views
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What is private equity investment?
Private equity investments are investments made by individual investors or funds which aren't listed on a stock exchange. The investment capital can be used for investmen...
1 Answers | 493 Views
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What to look for when investing?
The main thing to look for when investing in anything is its rate of return. The other would be risk. There are various schools of thought and ratios to determine risk to...
1 Answers | 468 Views
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What are investment funds?
An investment fund can be a number of things, but for the most part and investment fund is synomymous with a mutual fund, although others like hedge funds would also be c...
1 Answers | 471 Views
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What is financial investment?
Financial investment is when an individual or institution invest their money in a financial vehicle in hopes of a return on that investment. Investments can be made in st...
1 Answers | 455 Views
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What is a fixed income investment?
A fixed-income investment is a bond or CD. It pays a set rate of interest, called the coupon rate. Fixed income investments have set maturities, ranging from as little as...
1 Answers | 759 Views
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What is institutional investing?
Institutional investing is investing done on behalf of a number of individual investors or entities. For example, mutual funds, endowment funds, commercial trusts, hedge ...
1 Answers | 438 Views
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What is alpha in investing?
Alpha is a mathematical measurement of the amount of value that a mutual fund portfolio manager is bringing to the fund. A positive alpha means that the fund is outperfor...
1 Answers | 456 Views
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What is stock investment?
Investing in stock is investing in the piece of a company. A company issues stock, and a share is a piece of that stock. So if you buy 100 shares of a company, you own a ...
1 Answers | 479 Views
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What is warren buffet investing in now?
With things changing quickly in the world, and the idea that peak oil is a reality, Warren Buffett has invested in Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, mostly on the as...
1 Answers | 492 Views
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What are investment returns?
Investment returns constitute the income received back by an investor. Investment returns can take many forms, such as interest, dividends, capital gains and royalty paym...
1 Answers | 447 Views
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Whats the best investment?
There is of course no such thing as a best investment, as it depends on the age, goals and risk tolerance of the one investing. The best investment for anyone is an inves...
1 Answers | 533 Views
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What is growth investing?
Growth investing is a strategy where an investor is looking to trade equities that have strong growth potential. The growth potential is focussed on the ability ofr the ...
1 Answers | 469 Views
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What is private equity investing?
Private equity is a term that applies to firms that make direct investments in companies. As a general rule these companies are organized as limited partnership funds. Th...
1 Answers | 497 Views
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