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Who owns the imf?
Nobody owns the IMF, as it is comprised of 186 countries at the time of this answer. The countries work together in their stated purpose of "working to foster global mone...
4 Answers | 30019 Views
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What type of car insurance?
0 Answers | 21528 Views
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What is a deemed loan?
0 Answers | 13543 Views
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How to find abn?
If you're dealing with a businesses in Australia and you want to know its ABN, or if you know the ABN of a business and want to know its other details, you should use the...
2 Answers | 11667 Views
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What is stl insurance?
Supplemental Term Life
2 Answers | 9992 Views
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What is the difference between abn and acn?
ABN stands for 'Australian Business Number'. Entities that do business in Australia can apply for ABNs, and they are assigned by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). ABNs are...
4 Answers | 9828 Views
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What are venture capital advantages and disadvantages?
Entrepreneurs tend to jump into venture capital without thinking through the significant pros and cons. Venture capital, or money invested by third party firms or individ...
5 Answers | 9476 Views
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What is the difference between capital stock and common stock?
Common stock is a form of securities issued by a public corporation. It is the most widely issued type of public stock. It is the stock type of choice for most initial of...
2 Answers | 8413 Views
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Barclays mortgage rates how do they compare to other UK banks?
0 Answers | 8359 Views
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What is londons equivalent of wall street?
The equivalent financial district in London to New York's Wall Street is the 'City of London,' commonly referred to as just 'the City' or 'the Square Mile' (it's about on...
1 Answers | 8044 Views
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What are the different types of cheques?
Different types of checks: 1. Cashier's cheques - it is a cheque purchased with cash or debit from an account on the bank where the cheque originates. 2. Official, Tre...
3 Answers | 6932 Views
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What is the current risk free interest rate?
There is in reality no such thing as a risk free interest rate, so the answer would be there isn't a current risk free interest rate. But some choose to measure a risk fr...
3 Answers | 6311 Views
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What is a Clean payment?
A payment of cash for which there is no directly associated counter value. Clean payments are the most broadly used medium for paying a client’s account receivable or pay...
1 Answers | 6140 Views
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Where to buy bearer bonds?
While there are still some bearer bonds outstanding (the number is quickly dwindling), the old reason for buying them which was anonymity no longer exists. Once a tool of...
2 Answers | 5770 Views
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What do investors look for in financial statements?
Financial statements tell an investor how a company is performing. They show the difference between operating income, which is how a company is making money through busin...
2 Answers | 5365 Views
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What is secured financing?
Secured financing is one in which the lender has a right to certain collateral that the borrower pledges to support the loan. The borrower agrees that should he not repay...
1 Answers | 5200 Views
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When will the irs start accepting 2009 returns?
The IRS will not begin accepting 2009 income tax returns until January 1, 2010. It will accept them from that point on, but you can never submit a tax return for a given ...
4 Answers | 4880 Views
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What is the difference between property and casualty insurance?
The difference between property and casualty insurance is property insurance protects a business or people with an economic interest in the property from the loss of the ...
1 Answers | 4824 Views
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What is delinquent debt?
A delinquent debt is any debt that has not been payed by the due date. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, The 180-day period that a consumer has to pay a d...
2 Answers | 4788 Views
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What is pmi mip funding fee?
PMI stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. This is insurance that a mortgage lender gets to insure itself in part from a loss on a loan. MIP is Mortgage Insurance Premium...
2 Answers | 4784 Views
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