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What do credit bureaus do?
0 Answers | 597 Views
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What is a credit bureau?
0 Answers | 695 Views
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What is Project Financing?
0 Answers | 551 Views
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What is Cash Credit?
0 Answers | 552 Views
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What are Interest free days?
0 Answers | 527 Views
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How much mortgage can i afford?
The answer really depends on how much of your monthly income you want to tie up into a mortgage payment. A quick rule of thumb is that the mortgage shouldn't be greater t...
1 Answers | 588 Views
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Where can i apply for a credit card?
Applying for a credit card is very easy, and the best way to do it is via the Internet, although you could call directly on the phone to apply as well. Just find the part...
1 Answers | 534 Views
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Who regulates credit card companies?
The credit card companies is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. government.
1 Answers | 937 Views
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How to apply for a credit card?
0 Answers | 646 Views
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What to look for in a credit card?
The first thing to look at in a credit card is the interest rate. If there is an introductory period of a low rate or even 0%, make sure it doesn't reset to a much higher...
1 Answers | 505 Views
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Which credit card has the best rewards program?
The answer to this question is entirely dependent upon the consumer's situation and preferences. Those who prefer cash as a reward should look to cards like Discover, whi...
1 Answers | 738 Views
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How does a reverse mortgage work?
A reverse mortgage is a product that allows a home owner to extract equity out of there house. If a homeowner does not have a mortgage and owns their home without any de...
1 Answers | 447 Views
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What is a reverse mortgage?
A reverse mortgage is an option available to seniors who have paid off, or nearly paid off their home and do not plan on moving. They use their house as collateral for wh...
1 Answers | 493 Views
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What is an Interest only loan?
An interest-only loan is a loan in which, for a fixed number of years, you're payment covers only the interest and no principal. Typically the interest only period lasts ...
1 Answers | 429 Views
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Who provides agribusiness lending?
0 Answers | 642 Views
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Interest rate vs apr?
The difference between APR and interest rate is that the APR takes into account all the closing costs and fees associated with the loan, so it more accurately describes t...
2 Answers | 1899 Views
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Compare a fixed rate vs variable rate mortgage
A fixed rate is just like it sounds: fixed. It doesn't not move with the interest markets, it doesn't change for any reason. It is simply fixed. A variable rate is a rate...
2 Answers | 2030 Views
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Compare credit card vs debit card?
A credit card is a revolving account in which you are lent money and make payments, with interest, on the money you have borrowed every month. A debit card is simply a to...
1 Answers | 508 Views
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What are the different types of mastercard credit cards?
0 Answers | 670 Views
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What are the different types of discover credit cards?
0 Answers | 784 Views
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