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What is a deemed loan?
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What are venture capital advantages and disadvantages?
Entrepreneurs tend to jump into venture capital without thinking through the significant pros and cons. Venture capital, or money invested by third party firms or individ...
5 Answers | 9352 Views
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What is secured financing?
Secured financing is one in which the lender has a right to certain collateral that the borrower pledges to support the loan. The borrower agrees that should he not repay...
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What is delinquent debt?
A delinquent debt is any debt that has not been payed by the due date. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, The 180-day period that a consumer has to pay a d...
2 Answers | 4644 Views
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What is pmi mip funding fee?
PMI stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. This is insurance that a mortgage lender gets to insure itself in part from a loss on a loan. MIP is Mortgage Insurance Premium...
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What is cash front end fee finance charge?
A charge for a cash advance on a credit card. I had a negative balance in my PayPal account and they wanted me to cover it with my back-up funding from my Capital One car...
3 Answers | 4135 Views
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What you need to know about refinancing?
People refinance a home, either to get a lower house payment from better interest rates, or to raise money for personal reasons to spend in some way. So how much you ...
2 Answers | 3857 Views
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What credit score is needed to refinance?
For refinancing a home, the credit score isn't as important as the collateral availble to protect the loan. While it's possible during tight credit times like we're now l...
2 Answers | 3649 Views
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Why use a mortgage broker?
A mortgage broker has access to dozens, if not hundreds, or different financial companies. A loan officer usually only has access to one. Mortgage Brokers also get paid s...
2 Answers | 3574 Views
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What is tax equity financing
Tax equity financing is used as a means to fund renewable energy projects by investing in renewable energy in exchange for tax credits. The downside is only companies wit...
2 Answers | 3072 Views
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What are the different types of home equity loans?
There are 2 major kinds of home loans. Fixed rate, adjustable, and negative amortization. A fixed rate is simply a loan that has a fixed interest rate no matter what happ...
2 Answers | 2583 Views
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Can anyone get a student loan?
0 Answers | 2498 Views
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Who is bigger Visa or Mastercard?
Since both Visa and Mastercard are both widely accepted worldwide, it is difficult to find the difference in the number of locations they are being accepted worldwide. In...
3 Answers | 2391 Views
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What is commercial lending?
Commercial lending refers to the loans banks make to businesses. Most businesses- small and large cap- use a lot of debt every year to make ends meet. Few businesses oper...
2 Answers | 2371 Views
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What is the difference between refinancing and loan modification?
Refinancing is simply taking out a new loan, from which you would pay off the old loan on the home. Loan modification involves changing the terms of the existing loan in ...
2 Answers | 2347 Views
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What are different types of short term loans?
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Can you get a student loan with bad credit?
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Where can i apply for a major credit card?
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Private equity vs venture capital?
Private equity firms are investment partnerships in which relatively wealthy individuals put their money for investments in commercial enterprises. Generally PEs invest i...
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How much can you save if you apply for a credit card online compared to offline?
0 Answers | 2268 Views
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