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Who determines stock prices?
No one individual determines a stock price. What determines a stock price is the view by the one buying or selling stock and whether they believe a stock price will go hi...
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Why stocks go up and down?
Stock prices go up and down based on many reasons. Sometimes they're affected by some news item that causes people to buy or sell, and will result in prices going higher ...
3 Answers | 2242 Views
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How to value commercial property?
Similar to housing, commercial property is valued by the neighborhood it is in, and that includes the type of commercial neighborhood, along with the type of customer you...
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How much of my income should i be saving?
The way people manage their money should match their goals. Everyone should have a "rainy day fund" of 6 months of living expenses. Only you can tell what your monthly li...
3 Answers | 2128 Views
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What is the difference between capital stock and common stock?
Common stock is a form of securities issued by a public corporation. It is the most widely issued type of public stock. It is the stock type of choice for most initial of...
2 Answers | 8029 Views
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Where to buy bearer bonds?
While there are still some bearer bonds outstanding (the number is quickly dwindling), the old reason for buying them which was anonymity no longer exists. Once a tool of...
2 Answers | 5314 Views
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What do investors look for in financial statements?
Financial statements tell an investor how a company is performing. They show the difference between operating income, which is how a company is making money through busin...
2 Answers | 5093 Views
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How to invest in silver?
The first step to take for investing in silver is to do your homework. Demand for silver continues to rise, and new demand in a number of sectors make it a great bet to c...
2 Answers | 3815 Views
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How to analyze stocks?
There are as many ways to analyze stocks as there are ideas out there. I think the most important and valuable way for investors with a long term outlook is that the stoc...
2 Answers | 3777 Views
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Compare equity vs debt?
In the business world debt is the sum of money borrowed from lender(s) under an agreement specifying the terms of repayment. Equity is the difference between this debt an...
2 Answers | 3716 Views
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When did oil become a traded commodity?
John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil started selling certificates against the oil they had creating the first oil futures market. In 1882, the National Petroleum Exchange...
2 Answers | 3332 Views
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What are the advantages of junk bonds?
Junk bonds pay higher rates of interest than treasury bonds or municipal bonds, sometimes by as much as two percent. These bonds are considerered "junk" because their fin...
2 Answers | 3273 Views
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What are the advantages of investing in mutual funds?
Mutual funds offer an array of pros and cons. Mutual funds are a great way to meet a certain financial goal, because mutual funds are built with a theme, for example: tax...
2 Answers | 3099 Views
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What is the commercial paper market?
Commercial paper are IOU's issued generally by larger corporations though other institutions also issue commercial paper. Generally, the money they borrow is relatively s...
2 Answers | 2917 Views
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What are the disadvantages in investing in shares?
Investing in shares has a lot of disadvantages if you do not make the right choices and with lack of understanding of how the stock goes. Some of the disadvantage of stoc...
2 Answers | 2658 Views
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How to carry trade?
Borrow cash in a country with low interest rates and invest in a country with high interest rates. Sounds simple, but your exposure to fx risk is big!
2 Answers | 2623 Views
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What are money market securities?
All debt can be divided into two categories: the capital market and the money market. Any debt instrument with a maturity of less than 270 days is considered a money mark...
2 Answers | 2581 Views
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What to look for in a mortgage broker?
Mortgage brokers are generally thought of only when dealing with a loan that is difficult or unique. Though many times this is certainly the case, many brokers can offer ...
2 Answers | 2462 Views
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Where to buy an investment property in the United States USA?
Let me give you the don't buys first. - Southern CA - Las Vegas, NV - Phoenix, AZ - Southern, FL There's still a ton of phantom inventory to get worked out those...
2 Answers | 2391 Views
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How many mutual funds exist?
According to my research, the number of funds that existed as of 2008 is 8,022. The breakdown was as follows: 4,830 stock funds, 492 hybrid funds, 1,916 bond funds and 78...
2 Answers | 2390 Views
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