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How to buy oil shares?
Because of the leverage in futures, unless you are working on a massive scale, futures probably won;t work for you. There are however many ways to profit from the rise in...
1 Answers | 279 Views
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How to buy preferred shares?
When buying preferred shares, research on your potential investment. Look at the company’s financial information which can be found investor-relations section on the comp...
1 Answers | 440 Views
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How to calculate earnings per share?
Earnings per share, or EPS is calculated by taking total net earnings and dividing it by total number of outstanding shares. For example: XYZ company reports earnings of ...
1 Answers | 271 Views
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How to sell shares?
It would be a good idea to check the price of your shares first in the internet or in the newspaper. Then decide on how many shares are you going to sell and if you are r...
1 Answers | 366 Views
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How to buy shares?
0 Answers | 0 Views
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How to buy shares online?
Buying shares online is simple. First, find some online share broker by doing a search (E*TRADE, Scott Trade and Charles Schwabb are some brokers you might want to consid...
1 Answers | 1263 Views
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Where can i buy shares?
Today (2009), far and away the easiest place to buy shares is on the internet. While bricks-and-mortar stockbrokers still exist, they're always going to be more expensive...
1 Answers | 387 Views
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Where to buy shares?
You can only buy shares through a stock broker. You need to decide which type of broker you want. The right broker would depend on your requirements but it would help to ...
1 Answers | 473 Views
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What are t shares?
0 Answers | 0 Views
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What are issued shares?
Issued shares is a term of law and finance wherein it refers to the quantity of share of a corporation. These are shares that have been sold or awarded and are subsequent...
1 Answers | 396 Views
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What are h shares?
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What are floating shares?
The float of shares simply means how many shares a company has outstanding. If a company has 400,000 shares, you could say that the float is 400,000. A small float means ...
1 Answers | 296 Views
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What are class c shares?
A class C share is a mutual fund shares which have no upfront charge to the customer, but may have a small commission to the broker. It is also a common class of mutual f...
1 Answers | 413 Views
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What are authorized shares?
An authorized share is a company’s maximum number of share of stock that it can issue. Authorized shares must be issued within the company’s article of association that a...
1 Answers | 1148 Views
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What is pe ratio in shares?
The PE ration refers to the Price to Earnings ratio or multiple and which a stock is trading at. Since the actual price of a stock is dependent on how many shares a compa...
1 Answers | 557 Views
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What happens to shares when a company goes bankrupt?
When a company declares bankruptcy, there is a hierarchy in which investors get paid. First, bond holders are paid in full form any proceeds available, then preferred sto...
1 Answers | 404 Views
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What are restricted shares?
Restricted shares are stocks given to employees and officers, or those restricted to special insiders within the company that are not allowed to be sold on the free marke...
1 Answers | 417 Views
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what are r shares?
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What are class b shares?
Equity shares may come with various rankings such as "A" or "B" and in some cases, even more. The differences are simply what amount of voting rights are attached to it. ...
1 Answers | 355 Views
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What are bearer shares?
Bearer share is a share that is owned by a person who holds the share certificate. There is no name of the owner written on it. There is no owner of record for the bearer...
2 Answers | 1772 Views
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