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Investing Mutual Funds

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What are mutual funds?
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When to invest mutual funds?
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Which are the best performing mutual funds?
Please note that If a mutual fund advertises performance, The Securities and Exchange Commission requires that it includes the disclaimer that “past performance does do...
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What are credit rating agencies?
Credit rating agencies, Moody's, S&P and Fitch, grade a financial product, company, government or governmental agency in terms of it's credit worthiness and ability to pa...
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What are balanced mutual funds?
Balance mutual funds are geared towards a more conservative investor, as they combine money markets, stocks and bonds when building a portfolio. While a balanced fund wil...
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Which mutual fund to invest in?
This is a somewhat vague question, as there are a huge number of fund families offering an even more huge selection of funds. The first question would be the goals of the...
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What is a value mutual fund?
Like the shopper that goes to Sym's instead of Barney's, a value mutual fund investor is looking for the potential of growth and income while trying to minimize risk as m...
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What are the advantages of investing in mutual funds?
Mutual funds offer an array of pros and cons. Mutual funds are a great way to meet a certain financial goal, because mutual funds are built with a theme, for example: tax...
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What is the largest mutual fund?
The largest mutual fund (non-money market) is a PIMCO total return fund that invests in bonds with an average maturity of 3 to 6 years. The largest mutual fund family is ...
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What is a mutual fund prospectus?
The prospectus is a legal document that formally outlines all of the pertinent information and characteristics of a mutual fund. This document will list a fund's managers...
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What is a mutual fund expense ratio?
A mutual fund expense ratio is a management fee combined with 12b-1 fees that a fund charges to investors. Fees can vary depending on the type and style of fund. They can...
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What is a large cap mutual fund?
A large cap mutual fund is one that invests only in stocks with a market capitalization of 10 billion or more. These are the largest companies listed and are generally co...
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What is a balanced mutual fund?
A balanced mutual fund is one which splits their investment strategy between equities and fixed income products. It may not be an even 50 -50 split, but it is generally c...
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What is an open ended mutual fund?
An open-ended mutual fund does not have a set number of shares outstanding like a stock does. New shares are automatically created for each new purchase, and they cease t...
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What is a mutual fund account?
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What is a mutual fund manager?
A mutual fund manager is a portfolio manager who actively trades or supervises in the trading of securities for the fund portfolio. Most fund managers are Chartered Finan...
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What is a no load mutual fund?
A no-load mutual fund is one that does not charge a sales fee to invest in. Many have questioned why one would choose a load (sales fee applied) fund over a no-load and t...
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What is a money market mutual fund?
A money market mutual fund is a mutual fund which invests in low interest rate securities like Treasuries to bring a safe but predictable return to those investing in the...
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What commodities are traded?
A commodity is a type of good for which there is demand, and which is the same no matter where it is produced or who produces it (crude oil, for example, is the same no m...
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Types of mutual funds?
Mutual funds are no different in stocks, bonds or cash, as far as understanding types goes. For example, you may buy a stock which has tremendous potential, but with that...
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