Australian Fintech Finder hits a 1 billion dollar valuation

Thursday, September 5th, 2019

While not promoting itself through funding rounds like Canva, is an Australian fintech with laser like profit focus that has enabled it to be a dominant finance and consumer portal in Australia. Along with its rapidly growing footprint in other markets, it has seen its Alexa rank soaring in the top elite sites of the web by dominating Google web search results and ad promotion. While no funding round has ever been disclosed, it is likely that its valuation is around 1 billion or higher depending on sources, with generating a large revenue stream with its pay per click and lead generation with some clicks requiring them to be paid $10-15 per click.

Finder arbitrages these high per clicks with Google Ad/Outbrain placements above larger institutions to grab the customer before it considers the providers, therefore shepherding them to their selected "best" list of paid partners.They are not the first to do this Ratecity and Mozo also running a similar model.

Originally starting out as and creation of other finance portals, it centralised its strategy with the purchase on The rebranding approach enabled them to run a successful television campaign and a simpler promotion strategy.  However where they really were able to develop their largest gain was through the founders incredible SEO skills and distribution through major partnerships with Ninemsn (now nine), Fairfax as well as Newscorp that developed over years that provide links for their SEO strategy from all their properties. It is common to see the news organisations providing advertorial or mention to Finder on an almost weekly basis both in Australia and now in the US, in addition to promoting themselves across the web.

This strategy seems to have paid off, with complete domination of Google  Search engines results in Australia and in its other markets. While its homepage pushes its finance products, they have grown immensely from their beginnings to also target most profitable niches and lead generation opportunities including ranking for phrases such as "Online Shopping"  to "Credit Card".

Finder has created a large amount of website traffic through its maintenance of article database that that targets the most popular or profitable phrases on the internet,  where a writers creates an article about a popular topic, then uses its news distribution partners and writers to promote this content to every website possible.  Mostly recently they have even created awards that can it can further promote some of its selected partners.

So with their dominance in Australia achieved, they launched in the US and UK and other english speaking markets and look set to continue their content strategy that has served them well in Australia.

While it has been around for quite a while, is easily one of the not talked about enough success stories of Australian internet, their persistent self promotion and excellent execution makes them easily one of the best fintechs in Australia, and while they may not be an "Afterpay", they will be the driver of hundreds of thousands of customer leads for years to come.

Article by James Jones

The views expressed are the subjective opinion of the article's author and not of

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