Iphone 5 to come out on September, now on its Final Testing

Monday, June 13th, 2011

The Iphone 5 is already undergoing its final testing before starting its production in July with the released in September this year. Based on 9to5Mac, Iphone 5 is being tested by the carrier and higher ranking Apple executives. Along with the final test and the projected release date, there are rumors that are spreading about business disagreements between Apple and Verizon. They said that Verizon will not support the FaceTime over 3G because of the carrier's 3G network technical limitations because Verizon's 3G is not as fast as AT&T and has low-latency or bandwidth required by video conferencing.

When the network is launched among Apple products,  iPhone 5 will feature the FaceTime using 4G in 2012. Another speculation is that iPhone would not feature an 8 megapixel camare, based on iOS 5 developer of Apple; they will retain the type of camera featured in iPhone 4 which has 5 megapixel only. Other speculations that are already debunked by Apple are, the new generation phone will be launched last week, it will feature new versions like Mac OS X, and the storage service of the new iCloud.

The probable size and price of the iPhone were announced to the public by Telecom CEO Stephane Richard, he stated that Apple would have a smaller SIM card in an effort to make the new phone slimmer.  Using a smaller SIM card permits Apple to lessen the thickness of the phone and would decrease cost for production. There have been many speculations and rumors about iPhone 5, the real features of the phone will remain a mystery until its release on September.

Article by Gemmie

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