Reynolds and Reynolds and BMW Group Canada in New Agreement

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Reynolds and Reynolds announced in a press release that they have an extension of its agreement to provide dealership management systems to BMW Group Canada as its exclusive provider.

The agreement stems back to 2001 when they two companies entered into the exclusive deal to offer the service to all BMW and MINI automotive retailers in Canada.

At the present there are 26 MINI retailers in Canada and 40 BMW Retailers.

"The entire Reynolds Canada team is extremely proud of this relationship and the opportunities we have to contribute to the success of BMW in Canada," Alain Sabbah, vice president of Sales for Reynolds and Reynolds Canada, said. "Especially as the industry recovers from the recent downturn, we expect to build on this foundation as we continue to help BMW and MINI retailers in Canada serve their customers more effectively and profitably.

"We're pleased to have played a role with BMW in reaching this level of integration, which yields real benefits for BMW, their retailers, and BMW customers. We look forward to working with BMW to help sustain this leadership."

In Canada, Reynolds and Reynolds remains the only provider of DMS with exclusive OEM agreements in place.

Article by Gary B

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