Google Search the Bread and Butter of Google

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011


Google search is still the bread and butter of Google. The undisputed search engine makes a big noise with Androids and Gmail. The firm launched the new features of Google search that will enable users to search by images and put in inquiries on desktop computers by using voice.


Over the years, Google remains to be the top search engine in the world. It holds the 65% of the market share in the U.S. Google have beaten Microsoft and Yahoo. The firm constantly launches new search features in an endeavor to create its search results sooner, hassle-free search and more functional to users. Google has maintained its enormous revenues even if there are new products that are trying to compete with them. During the press conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Google Fellow Amil Singhal said, "In order for users to come back and search using Google, search results should be given right away."


The new feature of Google enables to search by images that permit the users to just copy and paste the image URL and drop it easily into the search box on Google homepage, or just upload the image straight from the computer. Another newly launch feature of Google is the voice prompted search on desktops, by clicking the microphone icon located at the right side of the Google search box, and then say their search keywords aloud. The Instant Pages provide instant search and will give search results quickly, a new interface for tablet PC users and a modification mobile tool that permits users to search by local categories like coffee shops and restaurants. These new features will be initially available for Google Chrome users. But Google did not confirm the speculations about the new social features in the press conference. Google is also taking advantage of the demand for searches using mobile. The success of the search through mobile is contributed by the speed and user-friendliness of Google against their competitors. The main goal for Google is "be better and understand the world."




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William C. Boeing (June 14, 2011 11:11 PM)
Apart from the fact that this and the newest changes to the Goggle search are slowing down the search considerably while not having any actual benefit for the normal user, not to mention professional search engine users. This is also the umpteenth time a new Google feature massively breaks compatibility with alternative browsers other than Google's Chrome spyware/browser itself. Are there still antitrust laws in America? Does government still have a meaning in the "free world market"? Do you still believe Google is "not evil"?
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