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National Federation of Independent Business Joins Lawsuit Against "Unconsitutional" Health Care Bill

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

The National Federation of Independent Business joined the lawsuit, which currently includes 20 states, which argues the healthcare bill enacted by Democrats is unconstitutional; specifically the insurance coverage requirements of the bill.

In a statement about the reasoning behind joining the lawsuit, NFIB President and chief executive Dan Danner said this, "The outpouring of opposition to this new law was overwhelming and our members urged us to do everything in our power to stop this unconstitutional law.

"Small business owners everywhere are rightfully concerned that the unconstitutional new mandates, countless rules and new taxes in the healthcare law will devastate their business and their ability to create jobs."

Even though the NFIB and others had been warned about the inevitable hike in the cost of the healthcare bill, they originally had supported the effort because of the assertion by Obama and the Democrats that it would bring down the price of healthcare for small business, something already admitted that it won't do, but will instead increase healthcare costs significantly.

Even now, the bill isn't even understood as to what's in it or how much it will cost, but the portions that are understood signify healthcare costs will skyrocket for small business owners.

On the part of the states, they're suing over the the fact that the bill, which Republicans completely voted against en masse, is mandating that almost every person much acquire health insurance.

Large businesses will be fined if their employees attempt to get insurance from subsidized state insurance exchanges, which are projected to be operational by 2014.

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john j (May 18, 2010 1:35 PM)
Small business are the real driver of jobs growth, did the government take this into account when they mandated we all pay insurance, probably not!
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