Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Under Attack from All Quarters

Friday, February 26th, 2010

It's nothing new when a company starts to be successful that its opponents will come out of the woodwork to try anything to keep them down, and that's the case with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), who continues to find themselves under attack almost everywhere lately.

Even for Google this isn't new though, as they've been turned against by a number of people - including their fans - over the years, but this time competitors and countries on behalf of their competitors have been increasing the pressure on the Internet giant.

Some of this is in relationship to how they've disrupted business, and literally the world, with their search engine and algorithm, which is the main decider on what is seen on the Internet, and ultimately in localities around the world.

In other words, Google is a powerful company, and opponents and industries which have been disrupted by them understand the consequences of what has happened, although it's largely too late to do much about it.

What they can do though is continue to start brush-fires against the company which keep it distracted while they try to make inroads against them, or at least to slow them down or put doubts in the minds of people who felt for a long time Google could do nothing wrong.

Europe and China have been two of the major battlefields over the last several years for Google, and Europe especially seems to be antagonistic toward them, as a number of companies from that region of the world feel Google penalized them in some way through their search engine results because they don't want them as strong competitors.

Europe seems to be more touchy about Google, probably from their almost complete dominance of the search market, which stands at about 90 percent market share there. Formidable to say the least.

It's unlikely that Google can be stopped in any way, unless they themselves encounter the type of technology which will disrupt them, which is very possibly, but won't be out there for some time to come, as we're still in the early stage of the Internet in my opinion, and have a long way to go before disruption would or could be meaningful and sustainable.

For now, Google will have to deal with numerous competitors and countries in the world who view them as an unfriendly giant invading their Internet land. They seem to be handling it well for now, but any lawsuit victory can change the game in certain parts of the world, so they'll have to be vigilant and wise as they continue to throw products and services out there which aren't always received in the way they had hoped, especially in regard to privacy issues.

Article by Gary B

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